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Sam Stone

Director of Product Management, Pricing & Data


Sam is passionate about building products at the intersection of finance and machine learning. He is currently the Director of Product for the Pricing and Machine Learning Products at Opendoor, a late-stage startup that uses algorithms to buy and sell homes instantly, saving homeowners the hassle and uncertainty of listing their homes and hosting open houses.
Prior to Opendoor, he was a co-founder and Product Manager at Ansaro, a SaaS startup using data science and machine learning to help companies improve hiring decisions. Earlier in his career, Sam worked at genomics software startup SolveBio, investment firm TPG, and consulting firm Bain & Company. Sam holds degrees in Math and International Relations from Stanford and an MBA from Harvard.

Zhiyuan Zhang

Engineering Manager, ML Serving Platforms


Zhiyuan is an engineering manager for ML Serving Platforms at Pinterest. His team builds large-scale machine learning inference systems that serve billions of events per minute and drive applications in ads, search, recommendation, and safety. Previously, Zhiyuan was an early member of visual search and core infrastructure teams at Pinterest, where he worked on various recommendation and async execution systems.

Sherin Mathews

Principal Research Scientist

U.S. Bank

Dr. Sherin Mathews is a Principal AI Research Scientist within the Chief Digital Office Innovation team at U,S Bank and is responsible for driving innovative solutions at the intersection of A.I. and financial services and redefining finance with A.I. solutions. Before her role at U.S. Bank, Sherin held research positions at Mcafee, Intel Corporation, and Canon Inc. She has been instrumental in developing next-generation security solutions using computer vision and deep learning techniques to improve and increase the effectiveness of cybersecurity products. Within the Office of the CTO for Intel Security/ McAfee, Sherin pioneered the concept of Explainability, Fairness, Ethics in security. She also developed solutions for detecting ransomware attacks, steganography attacks, deepfakes, and misinformation detection tools.

Ipsita Mohanty

Applied Scientist / Software Engineer, Machine Learning - Technical Lead

Walmart Global Tech

Ipsita Mohanty is a Software Engineer, Machine Learning - Technical Lead, working on several key product and research initiatives at Walmart Global Tech. She has an MS degree in Computer Science from Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh. Prior to her Masters' program, Ipsita worked as an Associate for six years, developing trading and machine learning algorithms at Goldman Sachs in their Global Market Division at Bengaluru & London locations. She has published work on Natural Language Understanding, and her research work spans across disciplines of computer science, deep learning, and human psychology.

Karl Willis

Senior Research Manager


Karl is a Senior Research Manager at Autodesk Research, within the Autodesk AI Lab, focused on design software for manufacturing. He leads research projects in collaboration with industry and academia to solve difficult problems related to design, machine learning, and advanced manufacturing. He is passionate about research and building great teams and great products. He has worked extensively at the intersection of software and hardware, with 10+ years of experience in R&D for product.

Tyler Suard

AI Engineer

A Fortune 500 Company

Tyler Suard is an Artificial Intelligence Engineer in the San Francisco Bay Area, currently working as a contractor at a Fortune 500 Company.  He has also worked for Meta and has contributed to code now in use by many of the world's top companies.  When he is not coding, Tyler enjoys 3d printing and spending time with his fiancée, Joanna.

Shubham Suresh Patil

Staff Deep Learning Engineer


Shubham Patil currently works as a Staff Deep-Learning Engineer and Researcher at Stryker, developing computer vision-based AI technologies that help surgeons, scrub nurses, and hospitals make informed decisions to improve health outcomes. Before joining Stryker, Shubham led AI deployment efforts at DawnLight Technologies for early patient fall detection alerts in critical care environments. He firmly believes in AI's potential for humanity's greater good and in serving our loved ones during their most vulnerable stage.
Shubham holds a Master's degree in Robotics from Carnegie Mellon University. He is passionate about developing enabling technologies using Computer Vision, Deep Learning, and Robotics.

Sravya Tirukkovalur

Senior ML Engineer


Sravya works as a Senior Machine Learning Engineer at Adobe, where she is part of the team that develops the Sensei Platform, which enables machine learning capabilities throughout Adobe's product line. The platform is designed to provide consistent and reusable building blocks for Machine learning with a strong emphasis on software engineering. Prior to joining Adobe, Sravya co-founded ImpactAI.org, a non-profit organization that utilizes machine learning to address issues in sectors such as health and disaster recovery. She has experience working in both academic and industrial settings and has expertise in designing data and distributed systems for both machine learning and high-performance computing. Sravya is a strong supporter of open-source software and communities, and previously held the role of Vice President for the Apache Sentry project.

Hamza Farooq

Senior Research Science Manager


Hamza has over a decade of experience in leading Data Science/ Machine Learning teams. His tenure spans over three continents and seven countries across APAC, Middle East and Africa and North America and multiple industries, namely, Tech, Telecommunications, Finance and Retail. He is currently working at Google as a Senior Research Science Manager and is also serving as an Adjunct Professor at University of Minnesota and Santa Clara University.

Carolyn Phillips

Senior Staff Machine Learning Scientist


Carolyn Phillips is a Senior Staff Machine Learning Scientist at Wayfair. She specializes in getting machine learning science research deployed at scale into engineering production systems. Carolyn is passionate about building elegant, simple, but pragmatic solutions that make innovating easy. With a PhD in Applied Physics and Scientific Computing from the University of Michigan, Carolyn began her career as a computational scientist at Argonne National Laboratory. She is ready to wax poetically about the self-assembly of icosahedral quasicrystals if asked.

Vishal Kapoor

Director of Product


Vishal is a Product Leader who has built, launched, and scaled products for marketplaces, logistics, transportation, retail, advertising, search, and gaming, at companies like Amazon, Microsoft, Yahoo, Zynga, Lyft, and Shipt
He has been responsible for $Billions in P&L and opex and is passionate about solving audacious problems with a disciplined, collaborative, and outcome-oriented leadership

Amey Dharwadker

Machine Learning Tech Lead


Amey Dharwadker is a Staff Machine Learning Engineer at Facebook. He leads the Video Recommendations Core Ranking team building personalization models for billions of users, primarily using deep learning. He also delivered significant improvements to Facebook's News Feed and Ads ranking models. Prior to that, he developed computer vision based Advanced Driver Assistance System algorithms at Analog Devices. He has an active presence in the academic community and is a member of the program committee for top-tier conferences including AISTATS, ECIR, WWW and peer-reviewed journals specializing in recommender systems, information retrieval and deep learning. He has also served on the juries of international tech competitions, including the Edison Awards.

Braden Hancock

Co-founder & Head of Technology

Snorkel AI

Braden is a co-founder and Head of Technology at Snorkel AI. Before Snorkel, Braden researched and developed new interfaces to machine learning systems in academia (Stanford, MIT, Johns Hopkins, BYU) and industry (Facebook, Google).

Aarti Bagul

Principal Machine Learning Solutions Engineer

Snorkel AI


Arne Stoschek

Project Executive, Machine Learning and Autonomy

Airbus Acubed